Hawaii Work Life Balance

Hawaii has a unique twist to the balance of work life and every day easy living. While you still need to work to pay bills, you can also find time to be a beach bum all day. Unless, of course, you’ve retired or hit the lottery then you’re good. It’s a myth that the only jobs are in entertainment, food service and real estate. There are many budding business and careers available in Hawaii if you know where to look. There are plenty of ranchers, mills, agricultural and naturally inclined businesses as well. There are military jobs, technical jobs, construction jobs and much more.

Of course, the best part of Hawaii is the weather, the beauty, and the beaches. On average there are over 300 sunny days and even in the winter it’s gorgeous. On average the climate is around 75-85 degrees with slight winds and occasional tropical rain. The rain isn’t cold; it’s warm due to the humidity so while you might get some drops on you, you’ll be dried off in a matter of minutes.

The best part of Hawaii is that every person who works knows that life is more than just working your job, paying your bills and trying to make a living. For the average Hawaiian, living is your job first and living a fulfilling and happy life requires a clear balance of responsibility and fun. Living in Hawaii doesn’t require the hustle and bustle and stress filled schedules of a big city. So if you’re living, working or even just visiting Hawaii, make sure to enjoy the culture, the fine dining, and the beautiful scenery first.

Terry Hay Hawaii is a professional businessman who continues his ongoing success while enjoying his retirement in Hawaii.


How the Military Molds Leaders

For more than forty years, every branch of the military in the United States have been one hundred percent voluntary. Veteran recruiters have heard the answers consistently for many years without a shadow of a doubt. There are circumstances where soldiers and sailors have volunteered and even reenlisted.

The trend amongst reenlistments is usually for financial stability. In most cases, they liked the job they were doing, and they loved being a part of something bigger than one person.  Also, the military leadership provides an excellent Tuition Assistance Program known as TAP. It pays up to $250 per semester hour for a member of the military to continue and advance their educational goals. That includes Bachelors and Masters degrees. There are several other perks and additional reasons to enlist which range from a sense of duty, work experience, discipline and a genuine love for their country. There have been surveys that state that the top three reasons citizens choose to enlist in the military. Those reasons can be narrowed down to financial stability, technical aptitude and traveling the globe.  Financially soldiers can care for their families while serving their country. In addition to tuition assistance for the education, they also learn immensely on the technical job skills that you can not learn anywhere else.  Many military bases are global and soldiers can be stationed overseas in countries such as Germany, Japan, and the Philippines.

From 1966 to 1968, Terry Hays of Hawaii has served in the United States Marine Crops, which included a tour of duty in Vietnam.

Choosing A Reliable Employee

If you were trying to choose the best team members for a company, who would the best team players be? Assuming that people have the right technical skills for the job, what other factors would you use to select your team members? Teams need strong team players in order to perform well. But what defines these types people?

One important quality is reliability. You need to be able to count on a team member to get their work done and do their fair share of work. He or she follows through on assignments. Consistency is key. You can count on him or her to deliver a good performance everytime, not just some of the time.

A company team player needs to also speak up and express their thoughts and ideas clearly, directly, honestly, and with respect for others and for the benefit of the team. That’s what it means to communicate constructively. These are just a few things an owner or manager must look for when choosing reliable eomployees.

Terry Hay of Hawaii is a business owner, who has been very successful in the franchise industry. He tackles every problem head on and with great character. He says that most of is company’s success is due to the ard work and reliability of his employees. He says that usually if an employee is happy within their role in the company’s they exceed expectations. Terry Hay says that he is fortunate enough to have a great team of productive employees who always go the extra mile for the well-being of the company.

Getting A Good Education

Information gives people power over their lives and destinies, plus they have more options they can pursue. That’s why it’s important that parents remember how their children need a good education in order to have many options in life. It’s the thing that most parenst want for their children. An education is more than just getting through school. It also involves reading, and continiously trying to better yourself as a person. There are couple of steps that can help you achieve this, and the first one is to read as much as possible.

In fact, kids who are raised with books around will tend to have an affinity for reading themselves, but it’s never too late to start. Also, when you buy books, make sure they are topics and subjects that are of  interest to you. Reading is so much more fun when it is about stuff that is interesting.

People who start out reading, normally excell in school and go on to higher education. Having a college degree can make all the difference in life. It gives people the power to make their own choices, and also the desire to always learn more and more.

Terry Hay lives in Hawaii and obtained a degree from the University of California at Irvine, whom he credits for giving him the educational base to have a successful career in the business community. Terry Hay is a highly-professional businessman. Terry Hay Hawaii has seen much succes in his life both in academia and as  the owner of a business. He did so well in business that he was able to retire at the age of 40.

How to Be More Worldly

Terry is a worldly guy, someone who has traveled from one exotic location to another, taking a little piece of the culture and people with him. Terry says that these varied experiences have made him a seasoned man in general, which makes him more capable of dealing with day to day occurrences. He says that life itself is a good educator, and that your high school and college experiences are only the beginning. That is why Terry encourages his employees to look for novel experiences in life that will help them grow and develop as people. Terry says that by being worldly and having eclectic influences, you can learn about all of the different aspects of people and what makes them tick. He says that traveling is always a great experience for him, and that he finds out more about himself every time. Terry says that by getting experiences from all over the world he is able to improve his overall knowledge not just of their cultures, but people and life in general.

Terry says that he has learned the most about life ironically when he left college, and that exploring the world and the many things that it has to offer will develop you in ways that you could never imagine. He says that this could not be further from the truth, and that every experience you go through in life helps to cultivate you both personally and professionally.

Terry Hay of Hawaii is a professional businessman and entrepreneur who has accrued much experience in running a business. Most people might says that going on vacation to another country is fun, but it is not going to improve my performance back at work. Terry says that especially in the business world, understanding people is vital to your success whether personally, or professionally.

How to be Disciplined

Terry says that no matter how bad something may appear, that there is always a light at the end of the tunnel, and all you have to do is keep moving forward and have faith and patience. Terry has conquered every obstacle that has come his way in life, but says that he has hardly scratched the surface. Terry says that no matter what kind of life you live, you will always encounter problems and obstacles that can inhibit you from moving forward. What you must realize however is that perhaps you don’t have to go through the wall, but around it. Terry says that through patience and perseverance you can achieve anything, this applies to your personal and professional life. Terry has been a business owner for several years now, accruing a level of experience and skill set that is very valued in the industry. He says so long as you don’t give up, a solution will arise. He says that around every corner there is always another obstacle to overcome, a problem to tackle. Sometimes you even hit the proverbial brick wall, and feel that all of your efforts to break through that wall are futile.

Terry Hay of Hawaii says that persevering is important because life is bound to throw some problems your way. He says that it is in these times that we must hold fast, must persevere and push through it. Terry says that though he has been fortunate enough to be successful in his career, that it was not always the case, and he experienced many trials along the way that has tested his fortitude. He says that there were many times and occasions both personally and professionally that he has wanted to throw in the towel and quit when life got difficult.

Good Management

Terry is someone that understands that everyone has an opinion, and that by providing the freedom for workplace expression, you allow your workers the chance to vent their frustrations and share possible ideas for improvement. An effective and quality management strategy needs to be set in place in order for a business hierarchy to succeed. Maintain a good rapport with your employees, but always be sure to assert your authority when someone has gone too far or has crossed the line. Providing training sessions to your employees may help you better educate your employees on these boundaries.
Promote an open environment. Provide the opportunity for your workers to have a voice; the chance to openly express their concerns and share ideas about better workplace efficiency. Be friendly yet firm, as you want your employees to be comfortable working for you, but not so much so that they simply do not respect you.

As an experienced business owner, Terry Hay Hawaii knows how important an open environment is to employee loyalty and morale. Terry suggests creating boundaries that let employees know what the difference is between acceptable and unacceptable behavior. Provide your employees with certain standards of behavior that emphasize professionalism, honesty and achievement. A good manager, says Terry, has the ability to balance flexibility with authority. Renowned business success Terry Hay of Hawaii provides some guidelines for anyone struggling to maintain an efficient and successful workplace.
Terry recommends establishing workplace procedures that not only promote the business’s primary objectives, but that provide an environment where every employee feels safe and is allowed the opportunity to succeed in their positions.