Hawaii Work Life Balance

Hawaii has a unique twist to the balance of work life and every day easy living. While you still need to work to pay bills, you can also find time to be a beach bum all day. Unless, of course, you’ve retired or hit the lottery then you’re good. It’s a myth that the only jobs are in entertainment, food service and real estate. There are many budding business and careers available in Hawaii if you know where to look. There are plenty of ranchers, mills, agricultural and naturally inclined businesses as well. There are military jobs, technical jobs, construction jobs and much more.

Of course, the best part of Hawaii is the weather, the beauty, and the beaches. On average there are over 300 sunny days and even in the winter it’s gorgeous. On average the climate is around 75-85 degrees with slight winds and occasional tropical rain. The rain isn’t cold; it’s warm due to the humidity so while you might get some drops on you, you’ll be dried off in a matter of minutes.

The best part of Hawaii is that every person who works knows that life is more than just working your job, paying your bills and trying to make a living. For the average Hawaiian, living is your job first and living a fulfilling and happy life requires a clear balance of responsibility and fun. Living in Hawaii doesn’t require the hustle and bustle and stress filled schedules of a big city. So if you’re living, working or even just visiting Hawaii, make sure to enjoy the culture, the fine dining, and the beautiful scenery first.

Terry Hay Hawaii is a professional businessman who continues his ongoing success while enjoying his retirement in Hawaii.