How the Military Molds Leaders

For more than forty years, every branch of the military in the United States have been one hundred percent voluntary. Veteran recruiters have heard the answers consistently for many years without a shadow of a doubt. There are circumstances where soldiers and sailors have volunteered and even reenlisted.

The trend amongst reenlistments is usually for financial stability. In most cases, they liked the job they were doing, and they loved being a part of something bigger than one person.  Also, the military leadership provides an excellent Tuition Assistance Program known as TAP. It pays up to $250 per semester hour for a member of the military to continue and advance their educational goals. That includes Bachelors and Masters degrees. There are several other perks and additional reasons to enlist which range from a sense of duty, work experience, discipline and a genuine love for their country. There have been surveys that state that the top three reasons citizens choose to enlist in the military. Those reasons can be narrowed down to financial stability, technical aptitude and traveling the globe.  Financially soldiers can care for their families while serving their country. In addition to tuition assistance for the education, they also learn immensely on the technical job skills that you can not learn anywhere else.  Many military bases are global and soldiers can be stationed overseas in countries such as Germany, Japan, and the Philippines.

From 1966 to 1968, Terry Hays of Hawaii has served in the United States Marine Crops, which included a tour of duty in Vietnam.